The Race Is On


My role:




The x-factor for this project was the conceptualization and planning of each shot. I served as the director, and lead a team of 10, to complete all of the filming in just one day. Every single shot was carefully constructed beforehand and the crew executed it perfectly. I enjoyed directing the automotive car shots to make dynamic movements that showed off not only the car but the drone as well. Setting up the storyline of a sports car racing an FPV drone was especially fun. For me, this was my first big automotive piece and I'm really stoked about the result. Can't wait to do more.


Huge shoutout to the crew. Thank you all!

  • Director/producer/editor - Nathan McBride
  • DP - Eliel Hindert Pursuit vehicle
  • Override films and Kraken Cinema captured car shots
  • FPV pilot - Bryce Prestwich
  • Driver - Pete Mercier
  • PA and Drone op - Luke Bredar
  • Photographer - Tace Anderson
  • Actor- Ian Crossett

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