Prana - The First Breath


My role:

Director | Cinematographer | Editor


This World

This project is a statement piece for me as a cinematographer. Prana is a one-man production, filmed over the course of 10 days, encompassing all of the cinematography skills I bring to the table. The piece includes everything from traditional handheld cinematography to dynamic FPV drone movements and cinematic slow moving tradition aerial shots - all for the purpose of telling the greater story in a captivating way. Myself and Jonah Kest (talent), traveled to India exploring Rajasthan's holy cities, 4 different cities. This piece is meant to capture the heart of Yoga in its birthplace and explores the beauty of this land. Though it's commonly though of as a chaotic place, there is a deep and hidden peace beneath the madness.

  • Over 12M views across social media
"Showing you’re not just an FPV pilot! Incredible cinematography all around"
"Nathan, this is a beautiful and stunning film collaboration with Jonah. Loved everything about it -- the visuals, sound design, music, narration and most importantly capturing the X factor (shakti) of what yoga represents...keep up the great work!"
"This is one of the best cinematic short film i have ever seen. The fpv shots, cinematography, color grading, sound design everything was too good"


Talent and voiceover

  • Jonah Kest

India contacts and hosts

  • Dev Dodia
  • Sumit Dedha

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