DJI Mavic 3 Journey From Above


My role:

Director | Cinematographer | Editor



As DJI staged to release one of the most anticipated drones in history, this film served as the primary video for the launch campaign. To accomplish this film, my team and I traveled to 4 countries across 3 continents, coordinating with a different producer in each country. We shot for two months, the largest project I've lead to date. We did this to craft a storyline that juxtaposed a "jungle" persona and a "desert" one, to symbolize the creative spirit that's always competing with oneself.

  • 175K views on youtube (from personal and DJI)



  • Renan Kamizi - lead cinematographer in Brazil for product shots
  • Skyler Talley - BTS and AC inNamibia
  • Andres MacLean - Lead producer and AC in Bolivia
  • Joao Juchem - Lead producer in Brazil
  • Roy van der Merwe - Lead and producer and guide in Namibia
  • Rachel Truax - AC in Utah


  • Jonah Kest
  • Ryan Robinson
  • Donika Seferi
  • erry Secody

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