Desert Wings


My role:

Director | cinematographer | editor



Paramotoring is a niche, largely undocumented, and little-known sport. This piece brings it to light in a rightfully epic way. We shot for 6 days total, with multiple paramotor pilots around the southwest region of the united states, highlighting some of the most dramatic desert landscapes. Paramotoring can be very dangerous to film. The movements of the athlete are very unpredictable and without precise and careful communication things can go south. But our experience with the DJI inspire 3 let us feel confident flying in remote and dangerous conditions. It's a flagship aerial tool that could capture the adventure of the sport perfectly. We used the dual op feature and precise directing to accomplish shots that would be otherwise impossible.

"This is legit the best production I’ve seen with the Inspire 3 yet ... "


Second cam operators

  • Ian Rinefort
  • Tcup Terry
  • Dylan Kato


  • Braedin Butler
  • Brad Roper
  • Justin Farrer
  • Taylor Palmer
  • Dom Claessens
  • Jonathan Allen  

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